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One of the efforts to develop the capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to the emergence of diseases is to strengthen the ability of health epidemiologists at the central and regional levels. The Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) produces professionals in the field of field epidemiology who are competent in the public health service system in order to meet the needs of epidemiology professionals in Indonesia. The National Epidemiology Scientific Meeting of Epidemiology (PIEN) is a scientific forum that describes the important roles and contributions of field epidemiologists in Indonesia, especially in the field of disease prevention and control at the regional and national levels. Since 2010, PIEN has been held for eight times. Participants come from five universities that carry out the FETP master program. More than 700 FETP alumni play an important role in improving the quality of the health system through improving local capacity in preventing and responding to disease outbreaks and other public health threats. This meeting serves as a national forum for FETP students and alumni to share the results of their studies in the field with public health experts. During the pandemic, epidemiologists have played an important role in supporting Covid-19 preparedness and response activities. FETP contributes to the COVID-19 response effort by increasing the capacity of field epidemiologists. One of the main competencies of FETP is Scientific Communication. For this reason, FETP students and alumni need to update and improve their information about strategies, initiatives and aspects of field epidemiology in disease prevention and control practices through scientific forums. The 9th PIEN theme is "Lesson Learned & Best Practices in the Covid-19 Pandemic Response for Early Detection and Rapid Response to Future Pandemics"



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